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regroup. move forward. thrive.

Your story, your goals, your VISION, are all uniquely yours. At Core Visionary,

our coaching services are tailored to support you to gain clarity and create

forward movement to success, however you define it. Learn a bit more about

our unique blend of services and, when you’re ready, schedule your

complimentary Insight Session. Let's Get Started!

Vision Coaching

A unique service specifically for individuals living with vision impairment.  Don’t let low vision cloud your core vision.  Discover (or rediscover) what has always been inside you – a powerful, capable and creative visionary, who has everything you need to thrive in this lie.  Vision Coaching is the equivalent of putting on glasses for your inner vision.  It helps you gain clarity and clear away blocks.  It helps you see who you really are and what you are truly capable of... which is probably more than you think.  Are you tired of people telling you what you can’t do?  Tired of telling yourself what you can’t do?  Just downright tired of not living how you want to live?  Then it may be time to take the bold step of working with a coach.

Life Coaching

This broad-based form of coaching is meant to help you connect with your true values, identify exciting goals and create a plan to get you to where you want to be.  Life Coaching can help explore what’s most meaningful to you and what may be getting in the way of you achieving your full potential.  Life coaching, by its very definition, encompasses multiple areas of concern and is customized to the needs of each client.  From relationships to personal development, productivity to play, spiritual to physical, life coaching can help you find the motivation and clarity you need to achieve your unique desires.

Visionary Career Coaching

In career-focused coaching, we zero in on what you want to bring to light in your professional life.  Determining the career path most in alignment with your joys and talents, leveling up to the next stage, breaking away from energy-draining roles and leaping into better matches.  Are you contemplating a career change and feeling apprehensive?  Looking for the next job, and feeling stuck?  Emerging into a new leadership role?  Career coaching may be exactly the support you’ve been craving.

Transition Coaching

At multiple points in all of our journeys, we reach a bridge and must decide: do we cross, do we wait, do we take a different path?  And once we’ve crossed, there are new worlds to explore, new questions to answer and maps to trace.  Life transitions – no matter how big or small – can feel intense and intimidating.  Having someone in your corner, who is unbiased and objective, can help you find the tools, resources and answers that are uniquely yours in the journey. Transition coaching will help you navigate the experience of crossing over life’s bridges and finding your path to success, whatever that looks like for you.

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